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Technical supports - Use your Android phone download songs手機下載歌曲

Google Chrome is a free to use browser for Android phone. It has a built-in feature that allows you to download songs while you are on-line, and to play back downloaded songs even while you are off-line. Unfortunately, I'v found that this feature works only to Android phone, not work to iPhone. Suggest iPhone user to use the same download method as mentioned in other article for iPad.

Step 1: make sure you have Google Chrome installed in your Android phone

Step 2: open Google Chrome, go to CAMA chorus web and select Songs

Step 3: tap to select the song that you want to play

Step 4: pause the playing song, tap to select the 3-dots menu

Step 5: tap to select Download the playing song

Step 6: at download completion, tap [X] to close the playing song. Return back to the Songs web page for other down loadings.

Step 7: there is 3-dots at Chrome upper-right corner, tap 3-dots to drop down a menu

Step 8: at drop down menu, tap to select the Downloads item

Step 9: at the list of your downloaded songs, tap to select the song to play