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ZOOM tips in PowerPoint

You can install ZOOM app in multiple devices, such as iPad/PC/Smartphone, and all use the same ID and password. After you have Sign Up the first time of your ZOOM ID/password, your new device Sign In will adopt the same ID/password/profile etc. Recommend to allow ZOOM to access: Microphone, Camera, Calendar, Photos, Background App Refresh.

Open "App Store" then download “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”, open the ZOOM app then do "Sign Up". After open the ZOOM, at Settings, expand your profile, give "Display Name" your Chinese name and "Profile Photo"  with your preferred photo.

Open a web browser and go to https://zoom.us/download then download "Zoom Client for Meetings". After download, open the "Zoominstaller.exe" to install the app. The Zoom Cloud Meetings app will pop up, click [Sign In] then [Sign Up Free] (at right-bottom corner of the Sign In window). After ZOOM is opened, click Settings (the icon looks like a gears at right-top corner), then click Profile to see your Name and Photo what have been set. You can change/edit them at any time.

Android Smartphone (iPhone should be similar):
Open Play Store and search for ZOOM. When "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" is shown up, tap [Install]. Open the ZOOM app and do Sign In.

方法1. 直接點擊email, or Line, or Calendar提供的會議連接link, Android手機及PC可以直接點撃Zoom Meeting link 進入。iPad點撃Zoom Meeting link 之後,無法直接從Line進入Zoom,需先在畫面上點擊Copy link,再打開Safari 或Chrome,之後paste到URL再打開進入Zoom,輸入 會議 ID 及 passcode。

方法2. Open ZOOM app then 點擊 [Join],輸入 會議 ID 及 passcode。

How to delete ZOOM on an iPad?
Open your iPad's settings (the icon looks like black gears on a gray box). Tap the "General" tab. Tap "iPad Storage." Scroll down to find a list of apps and tap the ZOOM. Tap "Delete App" then confirm by hitting "Delete App"